About us

We believe every couple is meant to enjoy an amazing sex life, constantly deepening the loving connection, light-hearted playfulness and passionate ecstasy between each other.

We believe we are here to re-connect with our highest Self and Divine essence, by healing old wounds and letting go of anything that blocks our authentic expression.

We believe an intimate relationship is the ideal space to create enough trust, safety and loving presence for each other to heal, grow and thrive.

We believe in the power of vulnerability and open communication, turning triggering situations into opportunities for development and connection.

We believe in sex being a sacred act where magic can happen… to let your dreams come true.

We believe every person is able to experience pleasure, whole body orgasms and higher states of consciousness and bliss through tantric sex.

We believe learning to love deeply in a conscious relationship will help the collective to diminish suffering, turn from criticism to understanding, from punishment to empathy, from war to peace… 

We believe it starts with every single one of us choosing love and connection over fear and protection, to create the change we want to see in the world.

Choosing love and connection
Meli und Damian Prem

How Tantra has helped us...

For a long time, sex was also a topic of frustration and argument for us. I – Meli – had much less desire than Damian and couldn’t really enjoy the mutual intimacy because I put myself under so much pressure to meet my own expectations of a good lover.

For us, Tantra was a path of healing and deep transformation. After several massage courses in Germany, we went to Asia for over a year to fully immerse ourselves in the world of tantra, yoga and meditation.

Tantra has helped us to release physical blockages, to give space to suppressed emotions, to question limiting beliefs and to see sex as a sacred act of love. We have learned to get from the head into the body, to relax and to let the energies flow freely. This has greatly strengthened the love and connection between us.

We never thought that tantra would not only help us to finally really enjoy our shared sexuality, but also open up completely new worlds for us – from a deep heart connection, to more energy and liveliness, to ecstasy, experiences of unity and a shared practice of spirituality.

That is why it is our heart’s desire today to accompany others on this journey and to make the transformational power of tantra tangible.

Meli & Damian Prem