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In our online tantra programs you not only get an online course with all the theoretical basics of tantric sexuality, many practical exercises and methods to explore tantra yourself, but above all, personal support from us through regular live calls in order to experience true transformation, so you can create the love life you’ve always longed for.

Online Tantra Seminar Intimate Communication

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VIP Online tantra workshop - custom made for you and your partner (3 hours)

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Online tantra group program
for couples (4 months)

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Intimate Connection

1:1 Tantra coaching program
individualized for couples (6 months)

Customer testimonials from our online tantra course

“Since the course, I’ve experienced sexuality in my relationship in a much more differentiated and mindful manner. It’s as if we’ve both been given a new roadmap that opens up unimagined spaces of experience and enables much clearer and more connected communication. We’ve experienced how fulfilling and diverse physical closeness can be, with and without the well-known routines.

In my opinion, the online tantra course is suitable for everyone who wants to learn more about their own sexuality with curiosity and openness. It is for those who are ready to encounter their body in a more conscious way and want to build a greater understanding of their own needs. For those who are in a partnership, the exercises immediately enable a new perspective on relationship communication, a greater degree of connectedness and, of course, simply the joy of being able to experience something like this together. After the course we are very inspired.” (Caroline, 32)

“I think the opportunity to do the tantra course as an online version is brilliant. Since this topic is so profound and essential, I think it is necessary to look at the content more often and to do the exercises and meditations again and again. Only this leads to long-term change. For me as a working person and family man, it was also enormously helpful to listen to the content when it suited me and not to block several appointments at once.
Thank you very much for your work and I hope that many more people will deal with these topics. For me, this is the basis for relationships of any kind and thus the prerequisite for a happy and fulfilling life. Keep it up!” (Alexander, 38)

Tantric sexuality

What does tantric sexuality actually look like and what role does the orgasm play in it?

If you think about what exactly happens at the moment of orgasm, you could say that it is a kind of mini-enlightenment 😉 We don’t think at this moment, we are fully present in our body, wide and expanded, we feel connected with ourselves, the partner and maybe even the big picture and are in a state of love and bliss. So when we have an orgasm, we experience an expanded state of consciousness. Unfortunately, this condition usually does not last very long. Therefore, Tantra is about prolonging the orgasm so that we can stay in these states and ultimately incorporate these experiences into our meditation practice.

What most people are familiar with are relatively short, explosive orgasms – the clitoral orgasm in women and the ejaculating orgasm in men. With arousal, our muscles tense and energy builds up in the genitals to be released in an explosion. During these orgasms, the body usually loses energy, which often manifests itself in the form of tiredness. In addition, the erection is usually lost and the clitoris is very sensitive. This is the end of the lovemaking after an explosive orgasm.

In contrast, during implosive orgasms, energy is conserved in the body. So it is the internal orgasms that often turn into full-body orgasms. The energy is built up while making love and distributed throughout the body, which also leads to more energy after sex. We can use this energy in our lives. It may also be interesting to know that women can have 7 different types of orgasms and that men can separate orgasm from ejaculation to avoid losing energy despite orgasm. What an internal orgasm feels like changes with time and practice. There is an unbelievable variety and range to discover. We learn to release all tension in the body and direct the energy to where we want it until our whole body feels ecstatic and pure life vibrates within us.

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