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Do you want to find out what else there is to discover in bed?

Learn through online tantra training how to avoid the pressure of expectation and routine in intimacy so you can instead experience deep connection, passion and ecstasy.

Tantra Einführungskurs für Paare Ekstase

4-months online tantra training for couples with personal support from Meli & Damian for healing, inspiration and transformation of shared sexuality

Tantra Sexualität lernen

No more stress and standard sexuality

To be honest, we felt the same way...

Sex has long been a subject of frustration for us too. I – Meli – had much less desire than Damian and couldn’t really enjoy the mutual intimacy because I put myself under so much pressure to have to meet my own expectations of a good lover.

Tantra has helped us to release blockages, heal old wounds, question limiting beliefs and see sex as something sacred. We have learned to drop from the head into the body, to relax and to let the energies flow freely.

We never thought that Tantra would not only help us to finally really enjoy our shared sexuality, but to also open up completely new worlds for us – from a deep heart connection, to more energy and aliveness, ecstasy, experiences of unity and a lived spirituality with one another.

That is why it is our heart’s desire today to accompany others on this journey and to make the transformational power of Tantra tangible.

Meli & Damian Prem

Meli Damian Prem

What customers say about us:

Meli and Damian are an incredibly great and inspiring couple and it is wonderful to be able to learn from their broad knowledge and personal experiences.
Meli & Damian offer Tantra workshops for today's spiritual people. You can tell right away that they pass on a lot of knowledge and experience and draw on a tradition that is thousands of years old. Above all, the workshops are designed with the necessary sensitivity and mindfulness so that nobody has to go beyond their limits.
Tantra Coaching

Tantra can help you...

What if it's not your or your partner's fault if sex is a "difficult topic" for you right now?

The idea that 10 minutes of passionate, penetrative sex with an explosive orgasm at the end is the goal to be achieved is not correct.

This supposed ideal is shown in almost all films and media, but it only leads to great pressure and expectations, tension and stress or to the fact that the ONE standard repertoire that works is repeated over and over again and over time becomes boring and frustrating.

The truth is that there are endless ways to engage in “love play” and there is an opportunity for everyone to find a form of intimacy that they enjoy to the fullest – no matter what challenges they are currently struggling with.

In Tantra, the connection with yourself and with your partner is in the foreground. There is no goal, no expectations, no pressure.

And if suddenly it doesn’t matter whether penetration takes place or not, whether and when someone has an orgasm or not, a magical space full of love, lightness and pleasure is created in which so much more is suddenly possible – and a completely different form of ecstasy within reach…

Online tantra training: What clients are saying about the program

I experience Meli and Damian in the online course as very authentic and competent. I particularly like the alternation between the theory videos and the many practical exercises.

In the basics module, I already had a few aha moments and wonderful experiences, but there was also pain, which I had often suppressed until now.

It's great that the course is supplemented by regular zoom calls. I'm looking forward to the next modules and can recommend the course to anyone who wants to deal with Tantra beyond the usual clichés.
I feel so well looked after with you! You have such a good mix of competence, cordiality, easygoingness, simplicity and sensitivity/respecting boundaries. So authentic - there is nothing artificial. So beautiful!
You simply take the participants by the hand - that may sound banal, but it's exactly what I need. The space that you create alone is valuable, where the topic of sexuality can be there, where it is simply talked about, and that with ease, with naturalness and with humor. So respectful, so calm and unspectacular. Without lewdness and disreputableness. I still can't really believe it. As natural as you make it, it's not natural for me.
Phenomenal how many approaches you have found in your new concept of how to use the energy of the group! The most powerful way to get something on the road; where I often hang around alone in front of the screen of an online course without the right drive and motivation and, above all, unfocused. I finally find a big positive aspect of this Corona time! Otherwise it might not have happened that way. Not with this intensity.

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