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In this blog we deal with everything related to tantra, sexuality, inner healing work and spirituality in partnership. You will get a lot of inspiration and valuable tips and we will share our experiences that we have had ourselves and with clients.
We hope that this blog will also help you to transform your partnership and sexuality into a source of joy and energy, personal development, love, ecstasy and fulfillment.

Have lots of fun with it!
Meli & Damian

Tantra Massage for Couples

Tantra Massage for couples

https://youtu.be/sSel5wdSKhs What are the benefits of tantra massage for couples? First of all, let’s keep in mind that Tantra is a spiritual

What to do with my desire?

What to do with my desire?

Why suppressing and acting out doesn’t work and what is REALLY needed I feel it again… the desire. Desire for physicality. Desire

Langeweile im Bett

Boredom in the bedroom

7 reasons for boredom in bed and how to avoid them I used to always find sex great and exciting… But somehow

3 Tipps für erfüllende Berührungen

3 tips for fulfilling touch

Loving touch is one of the most important ways to build and strengthen connection. A baby cannot survive without physical contact and

Too tired for sex?

Too tired for sex?

3 tips for a fulfilling love life, even when both are tired and exhausted Who doesn’t know this? The whole day is

Tantric Meditation

Tantric Meditation

Tantric Meditation: Consciousness and meditation as a way to freedom What does consciousness have to do with Tantra and why is it

Sexuelle Fantasien

Sexual fantasies

Sexual fantasies – a well-kept secret or inspiration for the relationship? In today’s episode, we are going to talk about sexual fantasies.

Frau sitzt auf einer Seite des Bettes und blickt aus dem Fenster. Mann sitzt auf der anderen Seite. Seine Haltung ist gebeugt und er hat den Kopf in die Hand gestützt, das Gesicht in der Hand verborgen.

The #1 blockage to deep connection

Why shame can destroy our relationship and how we can better deal with it Nobody wants to talk about shame. Most of

tantra massage for men

Tantra massage for men

Tantra massage for men: the secrets to male sexuality Today, we have the honor to share an interview with Yogita, she will

From functioning to aliveness

I feel like I’m just functioning.I’m caught in a hamster wheel.We just live next to each other and organize everyday life.I’ve gotten

Pain during Sex

No more pain during sex

How Tantra can help to bring relaxation and pleasure into lovemaking According to recent studies, 10-20% of women experience pain during sex.

Couple Therapy vs couple coaching

Couples Therapy or Couples Coaching?

What’s the difference and what do we need? Many couples reach a point in their relationship where they admit to themselves: We

Coming into the body

Coming into the body

How Tantra can help – 5 simple practices Do you know that situation: You are in the middle of foreplay and would

No time for Sex?

No time for Sex?

The real reason why intimacy with your partner often does not take place and what you can do to change this in

Tantra Intensive

Tantra – a way of Love

What is love actually? Is love a feeling? Is love a state of being? Is love an emotion? Is love a choice?

Sprachen der Liebe

Love Languages

Un langage d’amour est la façon dont nous préférons recevoir et montrer de l’amour. What??? Do you sometimes have the feeling that

Communication in the relationship

Communication in the relationship

3 Tips for a better communication the relationship for more understanding and a deep connection In the intensive work with couples, we

Keine Lust auf Sex? No desire for Sex?

No desire for sex?

In today’s episode we want to talk about desire… or more specifically about a lack of desire That’s one of the most