Tantra Intensive

VIP Online Tantra Workshop – custom made for you and your partner

Tantra Intensive

Time for inspiration, realignment and deep connection in daily life and love life.

It doesn’t depend on the quantity, on how much time we spend in a room with our partner, but on the quality of real encounter.

Tantra Workshop/ KURS

Are you ready for an intense encounter?

Then you are exactly right in our VIP Tantra Workshop

Tantra Intensive

What is included in the VIP Tantra Intensive Workshop?

Current State Analysis via questionnaire

When booking an appointment, we ask you to fill out a questionnaire. The questions not only help us to get to know you and to design a suitable workshop for you, but also to help you outline your topics more clearly so we can develop a common goal.

Custom made Tantra Workshop

This 3-hour workshop consists of couple coaching elements, selected input and many exercises to really experience the profound effects of Tantra. Depending on the topic, these are meditations, breathing techniques, touch practices or inspiration for the exchange with each other.

Individual practice impulses

After the workshop, in addition to the recording, you will also receive a selection of exercises tailored to you - for further practice and integration into everyday life. These can be sexual practices, guided meditations, breathing techniques, etc. (usually as an audio file for download).

Implementation support

After the workshop you have one week to contact us via Messenger at any time. We are happy to answer any questions that arise during implementation and are happy to coach you.

Possible workshop topics

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VIP Online Tantric Workshop
We invite you to be part of it

Tantra Intensive

Tantra Intensive: What clients say about the program

We really enjoyed the workshop including coaching. The workshop was great for understanding the basics of Tantra and making first experiences with it. In the coaching, Meli and Damian responded very well to our individual problems and were able to give us great tips on many things. You have helped us as a couple and brought us closer together again. We can only recommend this workshop! 🙂
Helen (28) & Jan (27)
With their sensitivity and empathy, Meli and Damian create a space of trust and well-being. As a result, a very open, authentic and valuable conversation and exchange took place. Thanks to the many tips and information from the two, we can now work well on it. The workshop helped us a lot for our relationship and we can only recommend it.
Julia (36) & Konsti (28)
Feedback on Aimlessness: For us, this exercise was groundbreaking! It completely took off the pressure and meant that we both were in the mood of having physicality with each other again and could enjoy it both sexually and non-sexually. Thank you very much! The course was worth it for that alone.

Female Anatomy & Orgasms Feedback: Just wanted to tell you again what a revelation these exercises have already been for me - I always thought that the Yoni was nothing interesting for me anyway. Just like you said, the functional black hole for the man, to have children etc. I was therefore completely surprised to discover so many pleasurable points (G, A, K). I'm really happy about this new knowledge and I'm super grateful that we were able to experience it thanks to you.
Stephanie, 37

VIP Online Tantra Workshop
We invite you to be part of it

Tantra Intensive

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the Tantra Intensive Workshop

How much does the workshop cost and what’s included in the price?

The investment for the VIP Tantra Intensive Workshop is 400€ for you as a couple. This includes:

  • Current State Analysis via questionnaire
  • 3 hours tailor-made workshop via Zoom (including recording)
  • Selected exercise impulses (sexual practices, meditations, breathing techniques, etc. as a PDF or audio file for download)
  • 1 week messenger support (daily availability for questions and coaching)

When exactly does the workshop take place and how does the booking work?

The appointment is flexible – according to your individual wishes. After booking via elopage you will be sent a link to Calendly with possible date options. When you select the date, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your relationship, your current challenges and wishes. On this basis we will plan the workshop and tailor it to your individual topics.

Appointment options are available during the weekday mornings, evenings and weekends. If none of the dates that are offered online suit you, you can always write to us directly and we will find a solution. However, it sometimes takes a few weeks to prepare. A short-term booking within the next 2 weeks is only possible in exceptional cases.

How can we continue after the workshop?

After the workshop, you will receive a recording of the workshop from us so that you can repeat the content and exercises from the call at any time. You will also receive selected exercises – such as sexual practices, guided meditations and guided breathing exercises – to make the integration into every day life easier.

You also have the opportunity to contact us via Messenger at any time for a week and to ask any questions that arise during the implementation. Not only will we answer all your questions, we will also coach you via voice or text message if there are any challenges.

I don’t use Telegram, can I use another messenger?

Yes. For those who don’t have Telegram, it is also possible to run the Messenger Support week via WhatsApp or Signal.

Do I have to have a partner to attend the Tantra Intensive Workshop?

The workshop is basically intended for couples. In individual cases it is also possible to make a 1:1 workshop out of it, if you would like to delve deeper into the topic of Tantra as a single, or if your partner is not ready to participate at the moment. If you are interested, just send us an E-mail to meli@reconnectprem.com

Are there any sexual practices in the workshop or do I have to get naked?

No. The exercises in the workshop are meditations, breathing techniques or mindful touching between you and your partner. We will present all sexual practices to you so that you can try them out for yourself after the call and then ask the resulting questions through messenger.

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