Tantra Massage for Couples

Tantra Massage for couples

What are the benefits of tantra massage for couples?

First of all, let’s keep in mind that Tantra is a spiritual path aiming for enlightenment, and to simplify, we can say: pure happiness and deep peace. According to Tantra, everything is energy and can be used for our evolution. In the light of this, Tantra massage for couples is a holistic transformative experience, which aims to touch the body, heart and soul.

Through touching the physical body with specific concentration, the sexual energy is awakened and channeled for removing blockages and increasing love and mental clarity and pleasure.  

Obviously, there are different needs & effects for men and women…

Men need to learn to control the instinct that makes them want to ejaculate, so as to avoid losing all their power in the love making. Also, by moving the sexual energy up to the third eye, it helps them to be able to deal with more and more pleasure while being able to stay in an arousal state, and thus giving more pleasure to their partner. As a result, they have a happy wife 😉 happy life 🙂 

Women, on the other hand, need to learn to let go of control and relax more, to trust and focus more on their body rather than being in their head, and to have pleasure without shame or guilt. They learn how to bring awareness to their yoni, let go of tension/ emotional pain that is stored there, increase sensitivity to pleasure and cultivate internal orgasms. 

You may be surprised that it’s not a must to touch genitals in Tantra Massage, and it’s only done when the recipient is ready for it. This approach helps to remove the need to perform on both sides, and gives time to explore the sexual energy in different creative ways. Once the genitals are being touched, it’s important to keep an open communication and freely express the needs and desires. 

Now, you can only imagine how powerful it can be, when a couple is doing such special practices together… It helps them to spark up the relationship on so many levels. They become very intimate with each other in a different way than usual. They deepen the heart connection through serving each other and communicating their needs and feelings, increase the attraction, amplify the levels of pleasure to a new dimension, reduce the level of stress and frustration, have more peace and harmony with each other, more emotional satisfaction, and of course as a result, have better sex- more fulfilling and energizing. 

To read more about the effects and benefits of Tantra massage go to: http://yogitantra.com/tantra-massage

What do you recommend for couples to do in order to shift from a stressful day at work into a relaxed loving atmosphere?

Exactly for this reason we have created the TANTRIC FOREPLAY workshop – in which we will teach how to create a physical & emotional connection, build deep intimacy with joyful communication and deep relaxation. All this is done with clothes on and not touching primary erogenous zones.

The problem is that most people don’t know what to do in order to be ready for love making and it becomes boring over the years. The needs of men and women are somehow opposite; women need emotional connection in order to be ready for physical union, and men need physical union in order to feel emotionally connected. 

Both men and women need some time for this shift to take place. You can’t expect to go straight into the act of love making without any preparation. Giving enough time for the mind to clear the thoughts that distract you from being present in the moment with your partner, is a crucial factor for having a satisfying intimate connection. 

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