Tantra Seminar for Couples

Why should anyone attend a Tantra seminar for couples?

We believe that Tantra seminars have the potential to transform your relationship and sexuality from the ground up.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “The best investment is in yourself – it pays the highest interest.”

Meli on Stage Tantraseminare

A Tantra seminar for couples is not only an investment in yourself, but also into your relationship. The most important relationship in your life.

It’s so easy to lose ourselves in everyday life, in stressful jobs, household, children, whatever… Often there is no time or energy left for the relationship.

And then we wonder why the initial passion is gone and why we feel so distant from our partner.

For me it is crucial to always consciously invest time, energy and money in the relationship.

You reap what you sow

If you want your relationship to thrive, it’s important to give it regular attention as well.

Everyone knows that we need to water our plants, that they need our care and energy if they are to grow and thrive.

But strangely enough, most people forget that this also applies to a relationship.

We long for deep connection, we long for love, we long for a fulfilling sex life.

But hardly anyone knows how to achieve this.

Tantraseminare Meli und Damian

Nobody ever taught us how to have a good relationship

Most of us didn’t have the best role models, to be honest. When we look at our own parents, when we look at friends’ parents, etc., what we see is usually not really what we are striving for.

Therefore I think that a Tantra seminar can be a wonderful experience and opportunity to learn what a happy relationship can look like and how it works.

Tantra offers super valuable answers and many practices, tools and inspiration on what it takes to lead a love life that really fulfills you.

A sexuality in which you can experience the deep connection and passionate ecstasy that most people would like to have but don’t know how.

I am convinced that this investment will always pay off.

I mean if you go on vacation it’s nice for two weeks. There’s probably connection and good sex too. But as soon as you come home and everyday life goes on, everything is gone again.

Once you learn how to incorporate these Tantric practices into your life, your relationship and love life will change forever.

Our Tantra Seminars for couples

Online Tantra Seminar Reconnect

Tantric Lovers

Online tantra group program
for couples (4 months)

Tantra Einführungskurs für Paare

Intimate Connection

1:1 Tantra coaching program
individualized for couples (6 months)

What is the focus in our Tantra seminars for couples and what is the difference to other Tantra schools?

Our Tantra seminars focus on a fulfilled sexuality and relationship.

We help the participants to establish a deeper connection to themselves and to their partner. To heal old wounds in the area of sexuality and to be able to enjoy it to the fullest (again).

To do this, we work on all levels: physical, energetic, emotional, mental as well as on the level of consciousness.

Our intention is to make Tantra accessible to Western people and to convey a holistic picture of this teaching.

Most providers in the West reduce Tantra to massage practices.

At least here in Germany, We see that if you google Tantra, probably 90% of the offers that come up are either Tantra massage providers or Tantra schools whose courses also have a focus on Tantra massage.

We too started with a Tantric massage class and it was beautiful. We really enjoyed bringing more sensuality into the bedroom.

But we missed learning more about the background of Tantra and understanding why practices work and how.

It is important for us to create more awareness in our seminars, for example for our own topics and relationship patterns.

We also provide tools that can initiate deep transformation processes.

When it comes to sex, many people are mainly in their heads.

They stress themselves out in order to achieve that magical orgasm, or any orgasm at all.

They put themselves under pressure to make their partner happy.

They think most of the time about the expectations they have of themselves or that their partner might have of them. And the whole sex thing is more of a performance.

But many of our customers no longer want to perform and therefore no longer feel like having sex.

We want to change that.

Tantra is not about achievement.

It is not about making your partner happy.

It is primarily about deep, loving connection.

It is about turning sex into lovemaking… relaxing, breathing, opening your own heart and playing and exploring with your partner… always discovering something new.

That is the focus of our seminars.

We give participants the tools to leave the pressure of expectations and standard repertoire behind in order to focus on this loving connection.

As well as how they can get more into the body and let go of old blockages.

Unfortunately, most of us have many limiting beliefs about sex.

We carry a lot of shame within us – from the church, from society, from our parents, from our upbringing.

This is also part of our seminars. Because if you are not aware of your beliefs and patterns, it is very difficult to change them and create the love life you long for.

That is why we try to make our Tantra seminars as holistic as possible.

We think what also distinguishes us from others is that we give theoretical input, too.

Other seminars that we attended were mainly about our own experience. There were beautiful rituals, deep encounters with different people, massages etc.

But we often failed to understand why we did these exercises… And what we could do specifically to achieve a certain goal.. Or which exercises were important for us – with our personalities and constitutions?

This is of course, because all people are different and therefore need different types of touch, different types of breathing, meditation, inner work, etc.

Therefore, we try to convey this understanding as well.

We always explain the theory first in order  to understand why we do things and then of course let people have their own experiences, too to experience the magic of breath, the magic of touch, the magic of connection for themselves.

All in all, we would say that our approach is more holistic, in terms of the topics as well as the mix of theory and practice.

Tantraseminare in DACH

So what actually happens in such a Tantra seminar for couples?

As I have already mentioned, we always give some input to understand the background of Tantra and the individual practices.

It is also important for us to convey a few psychological basics. Because naturally, our relationship is deeply shaped by our childhood and by the relationship we had with our parents.

So it happens frequently that we repeat these old patterns in our own relationships.

It’s really important to become aware of this in order to have a choice… to get off autopilot and to consciously choose differently.

So we share basic knowledge about psychology, body work, Tantric philosophy, meditation, energy work and of course about sexuality.

In some courses we also talk about communication, beliefs and everything that prevents you from living the relationship and sexuality that you want.

In addition to the input, there is of course also plenty of time for practice.

The practices we do in the seminars include everything that is not sexual.

We do a lot of meditations because awareness is really key to being able to observe yourself and be more present in the here and now.

There is always an opportunity for deep, authentic exchanges with your partner – such as reflection exercises, exchanging preferences, and also overcoming the shame of speaking openly about sex.

Sometimes it’s also about emotional intelligence and learning to open up and showing vulnerability in order to build true closeness and intimacy.

We also work with the breath a lot.

Breathing is key to great sex.

Breathing and relaxing.

Deep breathing, which many people can’t do because we’ve become so used to breathing shallowly and to not feeling anything.

If we don’t breathe, we don’t feel. To feel more, feel more joy, and feel more connection, we need to breathe.

We have a wide range of different breathing techniques, pranayama and breathwork that we teach in our seminars.

We also do mindful touch exercises, mainly with your own partner, to train your body awareness and to get from the head more into the body.

And there is always at least one beautiful, magical Tantric ritual.

We have deliberately decided to exclude the topic of Tantric massage.

We want to offer a gentle introduction to Tantra.

There is no nudity and no sexual interactions in the seminar room.

Of course we also present sexual practices. But the implementation takes place after the seminar at home in your own bedroom (or wherever 😉).

In longer retreats, there are often impulses for sexual exercise that the couples can try out in their hotel rooms in the evening. Then it is integrated into the seminar context – but never takes place together in the group room.

How are personal boundaries dealt with in our Tantra seminar for couples?

The topic of boundaries is particularly important to us. That’s why we also have an extra article and podcast episode on the subject.

In many Tantra schools we keep hearing about boundary crossings.

We see it as our responsibility to create a safe space where all participants can relax, knowing that their boundaries are considered and respected.

We help participants to develop awareness of their own limits and to really feel them. For many, it is not so easy to find out where their own limits actually lie.

What feels good and where is the body contracting? In fact, our own body often gives more reliable answers than our head.

We encourage everyone to also express these perceived limits and to say no if something doesn’t feel right. So you are able to slowly and consciously venture out of the comfort zone and grow.

Everything we offer is optional. Everyone is invited to feel for themselves whether the guided exercise really feels right.

Who comes to us?

Since we have been in a relationship for over 10 years and always do the seminars together, we have decided to offer most of our seminars for couples as well.

We are convinced that relationships and family are the places where we can grow the most in our ability to love, experience deep transformation together and thus develop our potential more and more.

As far as age is concerned, the groups are mostly very mixed. From early 20s to mid 60s.

We actually find this mix very beneficial most of the time, because we think that one can learn a lot from exchanging ideas with other participants and their experiences.

Tantra seminars for couples

The seminars usually take place in yoga schools or wellness hotels, where couples can switch off, take time for themselves and where their own quality time has priority.

We are always open to cooperation, be it with yoga studios, meditation centers, room providers, hotels or other seminar providers.

Feel free to contact us and we can see what opportunities arise.

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