Are you longing for more joy and connection in your love life?

Hello, we are Meli & Damian

So nice that you found us and are curious about what else there is to discover in terms of sex, partnership and intimacy.

Because to be honest: very few of us have ever learned what a fulfilled love life can look like and what skills it takes (and no: porn and love films are not really helpful in this!)

We will show you how you can let go of all the pressure and stress in bed to achieve a certain goal and instead convert sex into “love making” – full of lightness, connection and ecstasy.

The truth is, that everything you need in order to have a fulfilling partnership, to reconnect with yourself and your desire, to really enjoy sex and to experience full body orgasms, can be learned.

For years, sex was a difficult topic for us, associated with frustration and arguments that put a lot of strain on our relationship.

Today, we experience our sexuality as the most important source of energy, connection and fulfillment in our marriage, because it is no longer just about physical satisfaction, but about an act of love that connects us to our divine essence.

We are convinced that this is also possible for you.

With our seminars, online courses and couple coaching, we have already helped hundreds of couples to transform their sexuality and partnership.

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Our mission

Our mission is to support couples, despite all the stress and pressure of our time, to bring more joy and connection in to their sexuality through Tantra and to make the relationship a place of healing and love.

Because our world needs people…

  • who are able to love because they are loved themselves
  • who have the courage to be authentic and vulnerable because they have healed old issues and recognized their own worth
  • who are ready to fulfill their dreams and to follow their calling because they are connected to their liveliness and creative power

Our programs to create a fulfilling love life


I experience Meli and Damian in the online course as very authentic and competent. I particularly like the alternation between the theory videos and the many practical exercises. I already had a few aha moments and wonderful experiences in the basic module, but there was also pain, which I had often suppressed until now. It’s great that the course is supplemented by regular zoom calls. I’m looking forward to the next modules and can recommend the course to anyone who wants to deal with Tantra beyond the usual clichés.” (Anna)


I feel so good with you guys! You have such a good mix of competence, cordiality, easygoingness, simplicity and sensitivity/respecting boundaries. So authentic – there is nothing artificial. So beautiful!

You simply take the participants by the hand – that may sound banal, but it’s exactly what I need. The space that you create alone is valuable, where the topic of sexuality can be there, where it is simply talked about, and that with ease, with naturalness and with humor. So respectful, so calm and unspectacular. Without lewdness and disreputableness. I still can’t really believe it. As natural as you make it, it is not natural for me.” (Wolfgang)


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