tantra massage for men

Tantra massage for men

Tantra massage for men: the secrets to male sexuality

Today, we have the honor to share an interview with Yogita, she will share how a tantra massage for men works and what secrets there are to male sexuality.
Next to teaching tantra workshops, Yogita also offers tantra massage to men and women – helping them to awaken their sexual energy, heal blockages and learn to use this potent energy in daily life and spirituality.

In this episode you will learn…

  • What lingam massage/ tantra massage for man actually is and what really happens in such a massage 
  • How it is possible for men to separate ejacuIation from orgasm
  • What to do in case of premature ejacuIation or difficulties with erectlon
  • How tantra massage for men can help to experience whole body orgasms
  • How women can support their partner on this journey

Interesst to work with Yogita?

If you want to know more about tantra massage or Yogita, please check out her website or apply for a tantra massage.

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